Ground Work - a guide to self love

This is the foundation of what I teach.
How to love yourself unconditionally! 

I help you create a routine that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning, as well as giving you the guidance in order for you to find clarity on your desires. 


- 1 x  Clarity Coaching a lá 60 min 

- 1 Guided meditation

- 3 x Yoga Videos a lá 30 min with different intention and focus 

- Daily Rituals 

- Law of Attraction Basics 

- Tips & tools on how to attract what you truly desire 

- Access to a highly supportive community 

Investment: 222 Euro 111

Sacred Life - 6 week program

Do you often wonder why some people seem to have such an easy and fun life? Are you longing for something greater than what you're experiencing right now? I know the feeling! And I also have the secret formula for success, in any part of your life you wish to manifest it into!

During these 6 weeks I will teach you how to move from stuck to fulfilled by following 3 simple steps. Yes, it is simple, but it is not easy! That's why I'll be your biggest cheerleader while you

Reconnect with your hearts deepest desire 

Release stagnant energy

Rewire your brain for success



- The Ground Work - a guide to self love

- 3 x 60 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions 

- Guided meditations

- Transformative exercises

- Support through email during these 6 weeks 

- Access to a highly supportive community 

Investment: 1111 Euro - 888

Sacred Biz - 12 week program 

For wellness entrepreneurs who want to build an online business and expand their audience. I give you the tools needed to find clarity on your business model from a soulful and fun perspective so that you can thrive both within your life and business. I will guide you on how to create a self love routine so that you give from a cup that has abundance of energy. We will also find a structure that will make your business become successful and yet makes you feel content, relaxed and happy. 

After these weeks you will know how to:

  • increase and contain your energy by implementing a daily routine 

  • change into a success mindset

  • attract ideal clients online

  • release stagnant energy through breathwork, movement and meditation

  • trust your intuition and the Universe

  • master the Law of Attraction 

  • harness your feminine energy



- The Ground Work - a guide to self love

- 10 x 60 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions 

- 2 x 20 min Check in calls 

- Guided meditations

- Transformative exercises

- Biz 101

- build a website 

- market to find ideal customers

- put together a high quality premium offering with modules, videos etc. 

- get paid online 

- grow a community on facebook, youtube and/or instagram

- Support through email during these 12 weeks 

- Access to a highly supportive community 

Investment: 2222 Euro 1111


Natalia, Australia

I had a very powerful session with Malin, where Malin was helping me with gaining clarity on a few areas in my life and business I've been struggling with. Malin is a very talented coach and is very skillful in asking follow up questions to really get to the route of the real issue under the surface. After spending 1 hour with Malin, I have complete clarity where I was going wrong when it comes to my time management and the things I need to shift to have better balance across my business and life. The changes Malin suggested are very easy to implement into my daily routine, but I've already been seeing powerful benefits after just a few days. To me that's what powerful coaching is about, small incremental shifts that yield to huge results over the longer term. I would highly recommend Malin as a coach to anyone who isn't just looking for a coach, but also a friend who truly cares about them.


Emily, UK

I really enjoyed our session and I liked the meditation at the beginning to ground myself and centre me into the session. The questions you asked were thought provoking and I’m glad I got to answer in a quick way as this brought out some better reflections and more honest answers. The way you held the session was super lovely and I felt heard and important. 

Katya, Malta

The meditation at the beginning is really good and helps me to focus much better. As a coach you've really helped me to let go of my guard and to be open and honest with myself. I feel really comfortable talking to you. The way our sessions is structured gives me a lot of insight on things that I've been pushing to the side and trying to run from but since then I'm working on having more faith in myself and trying to find ways how to at least make the first step even though I don't have all the answers yet. I feel that it is really fruitful and is set up in very professional manner. 


Nelly, Sweden 

I feel like I really got out a lot from our conversation, even though I always knew what I should do to get where I wanted. You are always so non-judgmental and genuine in both what you say and how you say it. You make me dare to open myself up, which I have not so easy for. Thanks!

Cristel, Australia 

I am loving having Malin as a coach, her coaching style is so open and nurturing, I leave each of our sessions feeling excited and ready to take on the next challenge. She has a beautiful ability to create space to freely talk whilst also maintaining structure within each session as well as the overall programme, so I always feel like there's time to share but also feel like I'm continuously making progress. I love how she incorporates many different schools of thought into her coaching and especially like the yogic influence as this is something that makes sense to me and find simple to apply to everyday life. I'm excited for more sessions and looking forward to continuing making progress with her support.


Isabelle, Sweden 

Calm and nice voice that makes it easy to relax. Good deep questions that give good opportunity for reflection. Thanks so much.


Leile, Australia 

Thank you for our session this morning. Afterwards I felt lighter than I had in months. I had a fresh mind and was able to think clearly about where I am and what direction I want to go so thank you for that. I also loved the guided meditation at the start - it's exactly what I was looking for!

Nicole, Sweden

Knowing Malin previous to the coaching session I knew her want and ability to help people in need of a bit of clarity, and I therefore felt I was in good hands. During the hour of our coaching I got the impression of her really being able to listen to me when trying to answer her questions. She also accepted if I didn’t have a proper answer to give, and helped me towards one if and when she saw the possibility to do so. I liked the exercises she had as they really made you reflect upon yourself in a way that, I at least, never have done before. I don't really have any constructive feedback to give more than for her to keep up the hard work and to continue on to grow into the coach she sees herself wanting to become. There is no doubt she will get there.

Signe, Sweden 

Malin made me feel safe and guided me through the session with Confidence and ease. She helped me see that my vision for my life and what I desire was blurry. The guided meditation I got after the session has helped me paint a more vivid picture of my goal. A huge thank you for your support and guidance. I look forward to next time.

Love and gratitude 


Jennifer, USA

I did a clarity session with Malin, and it was absolutely awakening! She was very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. Her presence was warm and madit it easy to open up to. I would highly recommend malin to all of my friends and family.