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ENERGI YOGA - Cultivate well-being, harmony & vitality

Yoga with the intention to release stress and gather strength for the coming week

Right now, we live in a time where uncertainty and fear have become part of our everyday lives. It is normal to feel powerless and willing to give up. Here you get an opportunity to pause and allow all emotions to be present to find the connection with your inner strength.

It is there even though it does not feel like it!

The purpose of these classes is to guide you to inner harmony and well-being with the help of mental and physical exercises inspired by yoga and meditation techniques.

The goal is for you to feel strong inside & out

Price: SEK 100

Christmas discount of 50% with the code: ENERGI20
Enter it in the message when you pay via paypal or swish and pay only SEK 50


These classes will be conducted online via zoom on Sundays at 14:00, in english or swedish depending on the group.

The invitation will be sent to you when registration and payment has been received by me.

How do I register?

Write your name in an email to me:

How do I pay?

You pay via swish (0700306084), stripe or paypal