Yinyoga Workshop: The Five Elements 

Five sessions of yin yoga a lá 75 min where we will dive deep into Chinese medicine. The fundamental principles of this system is that the body-mind-spirit spectrum of the human body is seen as a holistic one. 


These classes will be taught in a private facebook group, which you will be invited to as soon as the payment has gone through. You will be able to practice live with Malin in the group or take the class at a later time, whatever suits you. 


The videos will stay in the group for the period of 5 weeks.


You will also get access to a playlist for each class if you wish to play some music from another device as you practice. 




Intention: Grounding into our life’s experience and getting back to center.

Meridians: Spleen & Stomach



Intention: Releasing physical and emotional stress as well as letting go of a thought pattern that no longer serves us. 

Meridians: Lungs & Large intestines



Intention: Allowing ourselves to rest and relax into the practice of self love, taking care of our fear with compassion. 

Meridians: Kidney & Bladder



Intention: Spreading light on what is not working in our lives and setting an intention to change what needs to change in order for us to live aligned with our life’s purpose. 

Meridians: Liver & Gallbladder



Intention: Cultivating an inner peace in our heart and acceptance, patience and trust for whatever life brings us. 

Meridians: Heart & Small intestine


Yin Yoga is a restorative and therapeutic yoga style that is all about letting go and becoming calm in our body and mind. It is a counterbalance to yang-based, more physically demanding yoga forms. By balancing yin, rest, and yang, activity, in life at large, our well-being increases on all levels.


How does Yin Yoga work?

Yin Yoga is characterized by passive positions with a light, soft stretch, performed in stillness and conscious presence. Each position is held for at least 3-5 minutes which gives us time to calm the mind as well. In yin yoga we want to access the body's fascia, connective tissue, instead of the muscles. This is achieved by not going too deep into the stretch and holding the position for a longer time. A major focus is on the area around the hips and lower back. These are particularly rich in connective tissue and, according to the yoga philosophy, store very physical as well as emotional tensions.

Investment: 60 Euro

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