Mindfulness vs. Ignorance

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I'm extremely fascinated by how I, when I'm not intentionally focusing on how I want to live my life, start operating from autopilot. Sometimes I even start to behave in a rather destructive way. How is it that us humans can achieve amazing results when we are determined to do so and that the same person, read: me, can fall down so deep down into her own bullshit that everything feels impossible?

For a few years I've experimented with my own psyche with the eagerness to learn more about how our brains actually work and what triggers us to achieve health, but also the opposite...

The best way for me to learn is to read, talk and then share my newfound knowledge with others. So here we go.

Welcome to my blog about Mindset, Movement & how to achieve and maintain wellness.

To be mindful is to be here, now. Simple as that. The practice of mindfulness can be done in various ways; while painting, walking, talking, listening, cooking.... The list goes on. It is about being in the present, fully, and instead of judging or wanting to change something uncomfortable - stop, breathe, observe and accept.

The past decades humans have found incredible ways of "checking out" from the reality that they're experiencing with diverse distractions, often with the aim of escaping something uncomfortable or unpleasant. We avoid the present moment with social media, food, TV, alcohol and drugs, gossip, and so much more. All of this not only distracts us from the unpleasant reality we want to escape from, but also distances us further and further away from ourselves and the people around us.

What really interest me is how this is similar to us trying to fill the gap within us with the exact same stuff. It becomes substitutes for connection and love. The same things that distance us from people (connection) is the things we stun ourselves with. Interesting right?

I think we could say that mindfulness is the cure for ignorant behaviour. Although, through my own experience I know that it's not always so easy to break a negative pattern and pull yourself up from the rabbit hole. Most often we get stuck in a storm of shame and guilt. We start blaming ourselves for not being strong or good enough, which not only leaves us feel like the worst person on earth but is also completely unhelpful for our self development.

The secret ingredient is SELF LOVE.


This might come as a chock for some of you. Let me explain this really simply in one sentence: Self Love makes you understand that you are already whole, perfect, with room for growth.

I will dive deeper into Self Love in my next post...

Stay tuned.

Only Love



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