Self Love, LOA & 1:1 Coaching

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Outline for the program: 

- 1 x  Clarity Coaching a lá 90 min 

- Guided meditations & affirmations

- Yoga Videos with various intention and focus 

- Daily Rituals

- Full Moon & New Moon Rituals

- Law of Attraction Basics 

- Tips & tools on how to attract what you truly desire 

- Access to a highly supportive community 

Learn the importance of Self Love and Attract your Dream Life

Combining methods and techniques from both East and West 

Neuroscience, Energy Psychology and Spiritual Wisdom. 

Cultivating a prosperous life is like building a house. First, you start with the foundation, the strong ground beneath your feet. Then you put in the walls, windows and doors. Last, but definitely not least, you do the final touch; carpets, furnitures, decorations etc. 


The foundation is Self Love

Without it you can't build a success mindset, let go of limiting beliefs (about yourself or others) or manifest your desires! 

And you know what?

You deserve your desires!

You deserve to love yourself so much that you constantly bet on yourself!

You deserve to consistently show yourself that - YES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

Let's get started! 

EARLY BIRD PRICE: €222 111 euro

Important Note: Once you have clicked the “BUY NOW” button, please make sure you enter €111 EURO as the amount before processing your transaction and add your full name as a note.
After you have purchased the program and the payment has gone through you will get a confirmation email with a PDF full of exciting wisdom, tangible steps and exercises to get you going. You will also get a link to download the meditation, yoga videos and a link to the community as well as a link to the booking page for your private coaching call.