Personal, tailored and just as unique as you are 

For the past 3 years I’ve been working as a professional in training and health with a strong interest for personal development.​ I believe in making the relationship with yourself the most important one in your life. This is what creates the foundation to all your other relationships, so it is incredibly important that you take this relationship serious.


The Covid pandemic has challenged us to look deeper within ourselves and the world around us.

Many are questioning - Why am I here? What do I truly desire from life? How do I create a joyful and thriving life in this new world that I am now transitioning into?

Powerful questions that can feel both overwhelming and scary. Uncertainty is a tough pill to swallow and we often try to control or dumb that feeling with various behaviours that are rarely beneficial to us.

Believe me, I know how frightened you may feel right now. I felt the same when my burnout and eating disorder forced me to rethink my way of life. I have dedicated the last couple of years towards healing, studying and eventually teaching. I am now sharing the tools and wisdom with others going through similar processes.

Certified Health Coach - The Academy



Let go of pain and struggle? 
Feel more confident and committed?
Gain clarity on what you truly desire? 
Reconnect with your highest self? 
Build a strong body and mind? 
Attract your dream life and/or business?  
I help you to get clear on what it is you want to create in your life. Develop healthy routines and change destructive behaviour through heartfelt conversations, high vibrational movement and self discovery. Combining techniques and wisdom from both east and west which will help you on your inner journey to success. 
3 or 6 months
Weekly zoom calls
Recorded videos and audios 
Unlimited support through email 
Yoga & meditation 
Personal training and diet 
Additional services available for reduced price 
Bonus: my GroundWork program  

Are you interested in learning more about one to one coaching with me? 


Natalia, Australia

I had a very powerful session with Malin, where Malin was helping me with gaining clarity on a few areas in my life and business I've been struggling with. Malin is a very talented coach and is very skillful in asking follow up questions to really get to the route of the real issue under the surface. After spending 1 hour with Malin, I have complete clarity where I was going wrong when it comes to my time management and the things I need to shift to have better balance across my business and life. The changes Malin suggested are very easy to implement into my daily routine, but I've already been seeing powerful benefits after just a few days. To me that's what powerful coaching is about, small incremental shifts that yield to huge results over the longer term. I would highly recommend Malin as a coach to anyone who isn't just looking for a coach, but also a friend who truly cares about them.

Katya, Malta

The meditation at the beginning is really good and helps me to focus much better. As a coach you've really helped me to let go of my guard and to be open and honest with myself. I feel really comfortable talking to you. The way our sessions is structured gives me a lot of insight on things that I've been pushing to the side and trying to run from but since then I'm working on having more faith in myself and trying to find ways how to at least make the first step even though I don't have all the answers yet. I feel that it is really fruitful and is set up in very professional manner. 


Nelly, Sweden 

I feel like I really got out a lot from our conversation, even though I always knew what I should do to get where I wanted. You are always so non-judgmental and genuine in both what you say and how you say it. You make me dare to open myself up, which I have not so easy for. Thanks!

Cristel, Australia 

I am loving having Malin as a coach, her coaching style is so open and nurturing, I leave each of our sessions feeling excited and ready to take on the next challenge. She has a beautiful ability to create space to freely talk whilst also maintaining structure within each session as well as the overall programme, so I always feel like there's time to share but also feel like I'm continuously making progress. I love how she incorporates many different schools of thought into her coaching and especially like the yogic influence as this is something that makes sense to me and find simple to apply to everyday life. I'm excited for more sessions and looking forward to continuing making progress with her support.


Leile, Australia 

Thank you for our session this morning. Afterwards I felt lighter than I had in months. I had a fresh mind and was able to think clearly about where I am and what direction I want to go so thank you for that. I also loved the guided meditation at the start - it's exactly what I was looking for!


Jennifer, USA

I did a clarity session with Malin, and it was absolutely awakening! She was very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. Her presence was warm and madit it easy to open up to. I would highly recommend malin to all of my friends and family.